Gamers Want ‘Wall-E’, ‘Toy Story’ or ‘Big Hero 6’ Worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3, More Details

The fan base for the combined worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy is quite enormous. As a result, the latest installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise will have a lot of pressure placed upon it by innumerable fans, while balancing the focus of Final Fantasy and Disney. However, if it’s possible, Square Enix should include Big Hero 6 characters in Kingdom Hearts 3.

In a beautiful fan drawing by Nevamyne Bloodvixen on Zero Chan, these characters look quite awesome, next to each other. Big Hero 6 involves Japanese inspiration and therefore it should serve as a great setting for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. In Big Hero 6, the modern depiction of San Francisco, combined with the madness of Tokyo was really beautiful. Square Enix could easily design this and gamers would love to interact with all its wonders, while playing as Sora. Disney has been aware of Big Hero 6 for years and established a stable communication with Square Enix during the development of Kingdom Hearts 3. It will serve as a great push for it and gamers sincerely adore the idea of promoting the movie within the game.

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