Game of Thrones Season 6: George R.R. Martin Confirms That Stannis Baratheon Is Alive, Croatia Will No Longer be the Setting for King’s Landing!

Croatia served as the location for King’s Landing so far but the latest reports indicate that it was dropped for the upcoming season. Meanwhile, another cast rumors suggests that Sandor Clegane, also known as The Hound (played by actor Rory McCann) will be returning in Season 6. The Old Town of Dubrovnik in Croatia was the main center for all political drama on the hit HBO fantasy series and served as the location for King’s Landing.

Surprisingly, this will not happen anymore, according to reports from Daily Mail. According to the reports, the village of Klis has also been discarded from the location list. Earlier, it served as the fictional location of Mereen.

It was also declared that Cersei’s Walk of Shame was the last event to have been shot in Old Town of Dubrovnik. At the same time, the last scene to have been shot in Klis was Daenerys escaping from the city on her dragon’s back.

In the meantime, Emilia Clarke is again back to Game of Thrones sets and she posted a photo of her on Instagram declaring ‘Good hair days are here again”. There are also reports suggesting that we might get to see Sam Tarly’s parents this season.

Meanwhile, Gower is in charge of prosthetics at the Game of Thrones set and after the Season 4 Finale, he won an Emmy for his work. If you wanted to see a scary undead Catelyn Stark with her head half-falling off, this is the guy who needs to be given a call.

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