Future Ford Ranger Rival Jeep Wrangler Pickup Has Been Confirmed, Rhino XT: A Militarized Jeep Wrangler Variant Is Released, And More!

A true short cab pickup with no rear seats or cargo area will not last in this market. A Wrangler based pickup with a bed and seats for kids will be built by Jeep in the future. The Wrangler pickup will be the only convertible truck in the market and Jeep will probably decide to keep the removable top.

Meanwhile, a private showcase of Jeep’s upcoming lineup of SUVs was held by Jeep India recently, in Kerala. Jeep is geared up to commence operations next month after a grand unveil at the 2016 Auto Expo and this will be held from 5th to 9th of February.

The showcase was held for a select number of customers and Jeep Wrangler unlimited along with Grand Cherokee SRT was showcased. A C-segment SUV will be later added to the lineup while the company will first introduce operations of these two vehicles. The Ranjangaon Plant will manufacture the C-SUV.

Meanwhile, US Specialty Vehicles, a California based boutique automaker produces militarized cars which are made for the city streets and the Rhino XT is their latest creation. It is a perfect example of their armored aesthetic.

The Rhino XT takes inspiration from the Hummer HX and essentially it is a beefed-up Jeep Wrangler. It bears no form of resemblance to its original form whatsoever. It comes with huge, riveted flared fenders, rugged bumpers, reinforced FRP body panels, designer tow hooks, and a redesigned heavy-duty roll cage, the Rhino XT means business.

Stay tuned for more updates on Jeep Wrangler!