Freeman Hints at a Christmas Release for Sherlock Season 4, Show Is Set to Get Darker, And More

The upcoming season of Sherlock is going to see some new faces as well. Den of Geek has confirmed that James Holmes is going to be a part of Sherlock Season 4 and he will play the role of a character whose name is Passenger.

While the name of the character has confused the fans, they are willing to wait and watch what’s in store. Meanwhile Mark Gatiss has teased the fans with the shot of Benedict Cumberbatch’s back, while he looks out of the windows from Sherlock’s den.

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Sherlock Season 4 is going to be dark. The theme of Season 4 will be about consequences and while it is exciting and hilarious in some cases, it can also turn out to be frightening in some. Rachel Talalay, who has been credited for the finale of Doctor Who Season 8 and 9 will be coming in to direct the first episode of Sherlock Season 4.

Sherlock Season 4 is likely to end with the death of Mary Watson. It has always been looming in the minds of Sherlock fans that Mary might not last for a long time since she was the perfect partner for Watson. She understood him and loved him and at the same time was the one person whom Sherlock liked instantly. Moffat had informed fans that there’s going to be hell in Sherlock Season 4.

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