Mr. Robot Season 2 to Release in July, Set to Pick Up the Storyline from the End of the First Season, And More

The release date for the second season of Mr. Robot Season 2 has been revealed to be sometime in July. Fans will be more excited to note that creator Sam Esmail is writing each of the 10 episodes in Mr. Robot Season 2 on his own so that he can do justice to the story of Elliot Anderson.

Sam Esmail is very passionate about the story that he has been telling through Mr. Robot and has informed the fans at the Television Critics Association press tour that he will move away from the twists and suspense in Season 2 if it doesn’t make sense in the story.

The first season of Mr. Robot had been a riveting one and fans are still trying to figure aspects of the series. Creator Sam Esmail explained certain aspects to the fans and helped them understand things clearly. Esmail said that there was a reason why Darlene wasn’t present at the Time Square.

Elliot (Rami Malek) had an abusive mother who would compare him to his father and ill treat him continuously. Mr. Robot is closely related to the real American society and with Elliot’s abusive past being focused on, the series tried to drive home the point that there is a growing case of child abuse at home.

This treatment at home would explain why Elliot came running away from home and why he would constantly go to Angela (Portia Doubleday) and his old neighborhood. Angela was being brought up by her loving father and spending time in their old neighborhood, reminded Elliot of his stable and secure past when his father was still around.

Mr. Robot Season 2 is going to be focused on Elliot’s understanding of himself and this will come with exploring the past. This explains why Christian Slater is back for Mr. Robot. The fans will delve deeper into the realization that Elliot’s father was just a figment of his imagination. The viewers are completely pulled into Elliot’s psyche and they start believing the world through his eyes.

Rami Malek as reported by Breathe Cast is brilliant as Elliot. He pulls the viewers inside his mind and so the viewers learn things with him. The biggest shock of the last season was possibly the one where the viewers realize that Christian Slater’s role was just a figment of imagination that there was nothing more to it.

Mr. Robot Season 2 will pick up from where the first season ended with the ECorp being hacked into by the fsociety. Season 2 will see Elliot go deeper into the world of fsociety and he will tumble into the secret strong hold of the organization.

Mr. Robot Season 2 will deal with the consequences of the crime that Elliot commits at the end of Mr. Robot Season 1. A law enforcement agency is going to be brought in for the same and this will bring in the character played by Grace Gummer.

She is going to bring a new perspective and dimension to the show. Grace Gummer has earned a lot of praise for the portrayal of her role, especially from the creator and there are chances that she might become a series regular.