Free Voice Calling Added To WhatsApp, Free Video-Calling Feature to Be Added Soon, And More

For the time being, WhatsApp’s voice calling is only available on Android devices. The Apple and Windows users are yet to receive this new update. At the same time, the newly introduced WhatsApp Web is also limited to the Android users. The WhatsApp Voice Calling feature has been largely available in the first quarter of 2015 but only limited to Android users. Currently, the developers of the world famous application are ready to launch it on Windows Phone devices.

According to an official report by WhatsApp co-founder, Windows users will have to wait for Apple users to receive it first. It won’t be added soon but released by the end of this year. Meanwhile, rumors suggest that video calling feature will be added soon in WhatsApp. This feature will probably be added, after all, mobile phone platforms have received the Voice Calling support.

Similar to voice calls, WhatsApp video calls will be free as well. It will consume large amounts of data so you will need a connection with a better bandwidth. It is recommended that you use a Wi-Fi connection when making these video calls. There may come a day when WhatsApp calls feature a clarity similar to that of Skype calls. No doubt it will take a long time before developers are even close to Skype call qualities.

Stay tuned for more updates on WhatsApp and its latest features!