Free Games for PlayStation Plus Subscribers in April and Predictions for May’s List!

While making your way, you have to fight against soldiers controlled by evil overlords. While progressing through the game, you need to complete missions in any way that you see fit. You can have a stealth approach, kill them from behind or just put them to sleep. You can also get into situations, all guns blazing and hope for the best.

They can download the game Killzone: Mercenary for free. The action-packed “MonsterBag” puzzle game comes included with it. In other news, Sony Computer Entertainment recently released PlayStation Plus Bonus for all of its Italian subscribers. It will offer several promotions, presented by selected partners of the game studio. GamePur reports that the productions will be divided into three categories comprising of ‘Discounts’, ‘Benefits’ and ‘Vouchers’.

Meanwhile, the company clearly declared that the new PlayStation Plus Bonus will be offered only by its Italian division. As a result, other countries of the world shouldn’t expect any such offers at the moment. The upcoming list of free games for the month of May will be released for PlayStation Plus owners, at the end of this month.

What are your predictions for the free games to be offered on May? Let us know in the comments section below!