Big Hero 7: Tadashi Like to Turn Out As the Villain, Stan Lee Wants To Be Part of the Show!

Following the enormous success of Big Hero 6 there are plans for making the sequel to the film. Plans for Big Hero 7 include a major cross-over with the Marvel universe. There are talks that the film will have a villain from the X-Men universe.

While Disney has not yet made any announcements about Big Hero 7, there is a high chance that the announcement will be made soon. The writer of Big Hero, Jon Negroni, has said that after seeing the kind of business the film did, the producers will surely go for a sequel.

Big Hero 6 saw Disney working closely with Marvel Studio to give shape to Baymax and Hiro. Negroni said that Big Hero 7 will include Tadashi, Hiro’s sibling who was supposed to have been killed in a fire.

The famous writer said since there was no body to be found, it seems likely that Tadashi is alive. A Master Herald report stated that Tadashi might come back in Big Hero 7 as a villain.

The fire caused the atomic energy to transform Tadashi into Sunfire. The character of Sunfire is also called Uncanny Avenger, a member of X-Men. Since the film is made by Disney, the ending will not see destruction and violence, and there’s a chance that the writers will rework on Tadashi’s story and give him a better ending.

A fan recently teased a 38 second clipping on YouTube calling it Big Hero 7. The user, Shawn Hoo posted a clip of Baymax and Hiro playing together with balloons and trying to see which of them can make a dog in the shortest amount of time.

The end of the clipping also had a fan-made poster of Big Hero 7. Based loosely on a Japanese comic book, Big Hero 6 was a huge hit, and there is a huge fan base all over the world. The man behind Marvel comics, Stanley Lee, who had made an appearance in Big Hero 6, is a big fan. He has already asked the writers of Big Hero 7 to include him.