Big Hero 7: Tadashi Like to Turn Out As the Villain, Stan Lee Wants To Be Part of the Show!

The discussion on the video uploaded by Hoo revealed some insights into what the fans believe could be the possible plot line for Big Hero 7. Some revealed that the film would see Tadashi come back. In Big Hero 6, Baymax would keep on repeating “Tadashi’s here” Hiro ignores it. He believes that it is a robotic malfunction. Even though Tadashi is back, he has completely lost his memory.

Baymax brings Tadashi to Aunt Cass’s Café and when Hiro sees him, he starts to break down. Hiro and Baymax help Tadashi get back his memory. There is, however, a catch here. It looks like Tadashi isn’t as good as Hiro and Baymax think him to be. Krei has opened the portal planning to rule the world, and it might be that Tadashi will join force with him.

With Disney not making any official announcement yet, fans are all over the internet making up plots and character history of Big Hero 7. With Frozen, Finding Nemo and Wreck It Ralph waiting in line with their sequels, Disney has its hands full. Fans can only hope and wish that the announcement for Big Hero 7 happens fast.