Free Games for PlayStation Plus Subscribers in April and Predictions for May’s List!

The month of April is nearing its end, and this means PlayStation Plus subscribers are currently waiting for the release of free game predictions during the month of May. At the moment, the sources are scarce regarding the release of new titles, predicted to become available next month. Right now, the games in the April 2015 list are still being offered, and the May 2015 predictions remain unreleased. The subscribers of PlayStation Plus can enjoy the April 2015 offers, which are still active and running.

One of these games is a first-person shooter called “Tower of Guns” that can be downloaded on the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. It is an interesting mix of FPS titles a game that brings you to square one, every time you die. The backstory could vary, but the primary goal fixes on making your way to the top of the tower and killing the boss without dying on the way. The game serves as a fun challenge.

The other one is known as “Aaru’s Awakening”. It is a 2D-action platformer where players can make use of teleportation in order to advance to the higher levels. Right now, the PlayStation Plus owners can download the “Never Alone” puzzle platform, free of charge. In here, players will need to go through the world of Alaska Native and enjoy the companionship of a fox.

The game was primarily invented to let people know about the unique culture of Northern Alaskan communities. You play the role of a girl, living in a town devastated by recurrent blizzards. You set out to find out the source of these blizzards and put a stop to it. While playing this game, you unlock documentary snippets that reveal the culture and lives of the Iñupiaq people.

The players who own PlayStation 3 can download Dishonored, an award-winning stealth combat game, totally for free. There are also offers available for PlayStation Vita owners who subscribed to the PlayStation Plus services. In Dishonored, you play the role of a masked assassin who makes his way across a steampunk-themed city.