Formidable New Villain Dr. T Added In Boom Beach While Supercell Provides Updates on Defeating Him and the Mega Crab!

While Clash of Clans received a new update, Boom Beach received some new features as well.  Lately, Boom Beach has been giving a rough time to users while overcoming most new challenges in the game. Dr. T is a new formidable villain who has been introduced to the game on 15th January and he has practically taken the game by storm.

Gamers are literally racking their brains to figure out ways in which they can defeat this character. He is the game’s new super nemesis and his weapon is the Mega Crab.

Supercell, the Finnish game developer behind Boom Beach has been updating its game in order to prepare for the arrival of Dr. T. The new villain has also taken over the Boom Beach account on Twitter. In fact, the game’s Twitter account is now called Dr. T.

One day after his official entry into the game, Supercell came across the fact that gamers are having a really tough time locating the base of this new villain. As a result, the developer has put together some essential tips through which gamers can overcome Dr. T and it was published on a blog found in

Meanwhile, over the next few days, Dr. T was seen teasing new games on Twitter as if challenging gamers to try and defeat him. He was also quoted saying on 17th January that while gamers continue to think and plan his defeat, visualizing it in their minds, he is imagining THEIR defeat and while ending the tweet with a hashtag #MEGACRAB.

Dr. T teased on 18th January that their attempts of defeating him have been rather pathetic in nature. Funnily enough, he posted that he is aware of how people are facing a lot of difficulty while trying to defeat him and he actually sympathizes with them.

It was announced that he added a new page to the Dr. T Helpful Tips website and this is actually Supercell doing usual walkthrough for all Boom Beach gamers.

If you are unaware, Dr. T is actually a part of a Boss Event Update which was introduced in Boom Beach, prior to the arrival of the new villain. Gamers have presently noticed a Black Shadow Map. When they click on the black shadow, it provides information about the time. This is the time showing the countdown of the update time, as revealed by GoPlay.

In the update, we saw Mega Crab featuring Dr. T and according to the latest reports, this is the last crustacean update to Boom Beach. In fact, the black shadow which has appeared on the map looks very similar to that of a crab. However, after the update, gamers expect to get more guide and walkthrough videos along with strategies from the developer.

They have been doing so over the last couple of days, ever since the release of the Mega Crab. With the new Supercell update, the developer is trying to keep the gamers interested with its usual updates.

The developers have also made it a point to post game tutorials on YouTube with the help of which gamers will be able to go past any particular stage of the game and not come across any challenge which is too difficult to complete.

Meanwhile, one of the major points of focus on Boom Beach forum for the past few days has been the recruiting of new members. This was done to overcome the hurdles posed by Lt. Hammerman as they all storm the beach and reclaim and take over one island after another.