2016 Toyota Prius: Toyota Making an Effort to Enhance the Visual Appeal and Performance of the Vehicle!

The Toyota Prius is one of the most awkward cars on the planet, if you judge the vehicle merely by its looks. It’s got an eye-crossing split window hatch, an awkwardly shaped front end and is as much fun to drive as a hot dog cart.

However, the reason behind the Prius being one of the most mocked vehicles in today’s time is because the vehicle does what it’s supposed to do with superb efficiency, which is to get a person from point A to point B, using the least amount of gas possible.

The forth-generation Toyota Prius is just around the corner, and the company claims that this one does the job even better. The 2016 Toyota Prius is rumored to return 54 MPG, which ups the ante from 51 MPG, which its predecessor boasted of.

Toyota claims that this is possible through additional weight saving measures and minor improvements to the hybrid motor components. If you think that the Toyota is no a reliable vehicle top cross the 200,000-mile range in, think again.

A recent study showed that of the 10 vehicles that Americans preferred as daily commutes, to be used for 200,000+ miles, the Toyota Prius was a clear favorite. The 2016 Toyota Prius gives potential customers all the more reasons to opt for the vehicle, since it is not an egg-shaped box anymore.

The upcoming Prius is a lot more visually appealing and features high-end technology to keep the passengers happy. Some of the major changes to the exterior include a high roofline, a chunky rear section, and a well sculpted and tapered front section.

The vehicle is two-inches longer than its predecessor and features dual bi-LED headlamps. The overall design makes the vehicle look like a hawk swooping down on its prey. There are people who might think that the design is a bit over the top, and they’d be right, but what the hell! The Prius does what it’s designed to do, better than every other vehicle in its class.

To be honest, the competition in the hybrid car world is tough and Toyota has managed to hold on to the top spot for a very long time. This is evident by the fact that apart from customers who choose the Prius as their daily commute, the vehicle is a clear favorite with the taxi owners too!

Apart from the exterior, major improvements have been made to the interior of the vehicle too, primarily the cockpit. All the gauges are neatly arranged, well within the grasp of the driver, which makes it easier on the vision.

The Prius has always been kind of an oddball, depending on whether you are behind the wheel or looking at it from the pavement. However, the 2016 Toyota Prius manages to change itself for the better.

Inside, the vehicle sports two 4.2-inch touchscreen displays, separated by a speedometer. Some of the additional features include a trip meter and a controller for the radio stations. Much like the outside, the interior has a touch of modern-day refinement to it.

The glove box is lowered, the gear stick has its own panel and the center stack is less crowded. Overall, the controls are easier to look at and use. Toyota has also included a voice command recognition device, which is really helpful while driving.

Interior space has increased, which comes in handy when you have to pack in your luggage or bring your pets along for the ride. The 2016 Toyota Prius does not have to prove its fuel economy standards to the world.