Apple iOS Jailbreak: Pangu and TaiG Working on iOS 9.2 Jailbreak. Italian Jailbreaker Cracks iOS 9.2 and 9.3 Beta!

A large population of the Jailbreaking community has been hard at work, trying to jailbreak iOS 9.2, although, none have been successful so far. By the look of things, the users might have to wait for a while before Jailbreaking is actually possible.

Initial speculations claim that numerous jailbreakers are hard at work and Pangu is the only one who seems to know what they are doing. Pangu is known to successfully jailbreak Apple’s latest iOS time and again and the users are hopeful of their success around this time too.

Pangu had successfully broken into iOS 9.1, although, it was a semi jailbreak. TaiG also offers jailbroken versions of the iOS to users, although, you can download their version via Safari only.

Another Chinese association claimed that their developers were hard at work, trying to jailbreak iOS 9.2, although, there is no news regarding the possibility of them getting anywhere close to the solution.

Despite Apple’s heavy security measures, jailbreakers from around the world have been able to successfully break into the iOS and a jailbroken version of iOS 9.2 is expected to be available for download within the next few weeks at most.

Pangu released their Semi jailbreak tool for the iOS 9.2, although, the users have been reluctant to download and run the software since it may malfunction. If you want to downgrade to iOS 9.1, it is no longer possible since Apple is not allowing devices to register with iOS 9.1.

This is hardly surprising since Apple stops supporting older software once the upgraded version is launched. The grace period is barely two months. iOS 9.2 has no major upgrades whatsoever and features a few basic differences in terms of security enhancements, performance improvements and bug fixes on the iPad and iPhone.

Apple claims that the iOS 9.2.1 makes their modern devices quicker and improves the performance of the devices. However, it is known to slow down the booting process of the older generation smartphones, namely, the iPhone 4S and the 5.

However, once the booting process is completed, the apps are more at home than the current generation iOS 8.4.1. However, no such problems are found on the iPhone 5S, which happens to be the first iPhone to feature a 64-bit hardware.

Apple iOS 9.2 is compatible with a whole lot of devices from the Cupertino giant, including the iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. You could also use it on your fifth-generation iPod Touch.

The Apple iOS 9.2.1 update is roughly around 40MB and Apple suggests that you connect to a decent Wi-Fi connection for the download. Downloading over a data plan is not recommended. As hackers try to crack open iOS 9, Apple is busy working on iOS 10, which they are hopeful, will release by the end of 2016.

Even though breaking the code is taking time, the task is not impossible. Apple is just using the time to work on improving the already breach-proof security so that the jailbreakers have an even tougher time breaking into iOS 10.

iOS 9.3 is just around the curb and a feature called ‘Night Shift’ is expected to be implemented in the next update. According to initial rumors, Night Shift cuts down on the blue light that the screen releases post sunset.