Final Fantasy XV: Set to Hit the Market in the Near Future, Will Have Two Different Battle Modes and a Brand New Warp Feature!

He further added that the journey of Noctis’ ascension to the throne would be one of the main focuses of the game. The game will highlight the emotional bond that he shares with his father. He will be seen driving around in a car which has actually been gifted to him by his father as a sign of remembrance.

Final Fantasy XV will reportedly feature some aerial battles alongside the normal ground battles. Takefumi stated that the incorporation of aerial battles into the game will definitely work towards attracting a large numbers of gamers to it. These aerial battles are likely to take place in some brand new air borne battlefields that will be included in the game.

It was reported by a popular website that the developers will release a beta version of the game before they release the final version. The beta testing will bring any bugs and errors in the game to the forefront which can later be ironed out before the release of the final version.

It will also allow the developers to obtain useful feedbacks for the game from fans and implement any necessary changes into it. Tabata confirmed that the game will hit the markets in the current year.

Stay tuned for more update on Final Fantasy XV.