Final Fantasy XV: Set to Hit the Market in the Near Future, Will Have Two Different Battle Modes and a Brand New Warp Feature!

Final Fantasy XV is going to be the latest addition to the renowned franchise of Final Fantasy video games. The game is being developed by Square Enix and it will be released for the platforms of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The game has been in its developmental stages for a long time and the anticipation and hype revolving around it is growing by the day. Recently Square Enix decided to shed some light on the upcoming game at a Q/A session at an official forum.

Fans of the series enquired about the game’s difficulty settings in the forum and the developers responded to the query by stating that players will have the freedom to choose from two different battle modes in the game and the difficulty of the game would depend on the choice of these battle modes.

The two battle modes that the game will come with will have contrasting features. The first mode is an all-out action mode meant mainly for the hardcore fans of the game. The second mode however, will be comparatively slower paced and it has been created keeping the casual gamers in mind.

This particular mode will have a lower difficulty setting and will be ideal for new takers of the game. The slower action and lesser difficulty will allow new gamers to get used to the game in a better way.

However, it should be noted that a slower paced action does not mean a turn-based combat system like its predecessors. It has been confirmed that unlike its predecessors, the game will not feature turn-based combats.

The Episode Duscae demo which was released at an earlier date by the developers served as an introductory chapter to the game. It provided fans with various insights regarding the gameplay, characters and storyline of the upcoming game. The feedback provided by fans after experiencing the gameplay of The Episode Duscae demo brought the idea of two different battle modes into existence.

The developers stated that they would come forward with more insights about the combat mechanics of the game in the upcoming months. The game will reportedly release at a special event which is scheduled to be held in March.

Another aspect of the game that has been the topic of discussion in many forums is the warp feature. TeardaTakefumi, the lead level designer of the game revealed that the warp feature could be used by players to teleport themselves to locations with are higher up.

This is definitely going to be a major addition since it will enable players to slip out of sticky situations while going up against enemies. Several warp points will be found scattered all over the map of the game which will help players to better improvise and strategize their attacks.

The development process of Final Fantasy XV has been going on for quite some time now. Various reports claim that the developers had initially thought of creating the game as a spinoff version of another game of the series titled Final Fantasy XIII.

The spin off version would have been called Final Fantasy: Versus XIII. The idea was ditched due to some reason and the developers announced that they will instead make a trilogy to Final Fantasy XIII.

The latest reports regarding the possible storyline of the game suggest that the developers might draw inspiration from the game The Last of Us to create the story of Final Fantasy XV.

Hajime Tabata, the director of the game recently stated that the developers are planning to create a story for the game which would not be distinct from its gameplay. He pointed out that they got this idea by looking at The Last of Us, a game which has been created based on this concept.