Final Fantasy VII: News of Remake Excites Fans, Original Game Currently Available for PS4, Cloud Strife Headed Towards Super Smash Bros 4!

Final Fantasy VII is an action role-playing adventure game which was originally released back in 1997. Just recently Square Enix made announcements regarding a remake version of the game at the E3 2015.

The game will be a revamped high-definition remade version of the original game and it will be released for Play Station 4.

The developers have not yet made any announcements regarding the game’s release for other platforms like the PC or Xbox One.

The first gameplay trailer of the game was recently released by the developers and it has shown a completely a different game is headed towards fans.

The trailer showed that the game is not merely a remake of the original game. It has been improved in every department, especially the graphics department.

A brand new combat system has been incorporated into the game. The original Final Fantasy VII featured turn-based combat system.

In this type of attack sequence, every player, and his opponents were given alternate turns for attacking each other. Once a player has used his turn for attacking, he would have to wait patiently for his opponent to make his attack.

However, the remake version of the game will come with a real-time combat system. This will make the gameplay smoother and free-flowing.

Yoshinori Kitase, the producer of the game stated that the new game might not be fully action-based, but it contains more element and real-time than what was present in the original game.

The camera system of the game has also been reworked with the new game coming with a third-person view instead of the fixed-person view that is found in the previous game.

It should be noted that three important persons who were a part of the development team of the original game will also be a part of the development process of the remake version. These persons are- Tetsuya Nomura in the director’s chair, Yoshinori Kitase as producer and Kazushige Nojima as the scenario writer of the game.

One of the major improvements that the new game will bring over the original one is in the graphics department. Fans of the game have been craving for a remake as they want to play their favorite game once again but this time with better and improved graphics.

Needless to say, the graphics quality that the 1997 version of the game came with has long become obsolete.

Kitase stated that the developers have been able to use the power of the Play Station 4 to maintain a standard of quality for the graphics of characters like Cloud, Tifa and Aerith in the movie Advent Children in the game.

He also stated that the developers are aiming at obtaining the same quality of graphics for these characters in real-time gameplay for Final Fantasy VII. He gave full credit to Play Station 4 to make it possible for them to achieve this goal.

It is also being rumored that there may be minor changes to the storyline of the game in the new Final Fantasy VII. While this has angered some hardcore fans of the game, it has also excited others as they won’t have to play the game with the same story all over again.

The game is currently under development and no specific release date for it has been announced yet for it by the developers.

As could be understood the whole thing has created a lot of anticipation among fans and they are eagerly waiting for the release of the new Final Fantasy VII game. Meanwhile, Square Enix has recently released the original Final Fantasy VII for the Play Station 4.

While waiting for the new game, fans can satisfy their Final Fantasy hunger by playing the original game which is now downloadable and playable on the PS4 console.