FIFA 16: Patch No. 2 Currently Available For PS3 And Xbox 360, Records A 254 Percent Sales Increase In Black Friday Week!

FIFA 16 is the latest iteration in the immensely popular series of FIFA games from EA Sports. It was released in September 2015 as a cross platform game.

The game was made available for the older consoles of Xbox 360 and PS3 as well as the advanced consoles of Xbox One and PS4. A PC version of the game also made its appearance in the market along with two other versions for Android and iOS.

Just recently the Patch No. 2 was made available to fans who play the game on PS3 and Xbox 360. With four patches already released by the developers for the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions, the outdated consoles are clearly lagging behind when it comes to releasing of patches.

The patch will reportedly work towards fixing certain bugs and errors in the game while also increasing overall game stability and improving performance.

A list of issues that the patch is meant to resolve was uploaded in a blog post from EA Sports. According to that list, the patch will fix the issue of players being able to forfeit FIFA Online Sessions without suffering a loss at certain instances.

The issue in CO- OP Seasons which could temporarily remove players from the friends list will also be fixed by the patch. Another issue which is going to be fixed by the patch is the one which makes a match go on even after five red cards have been shown in it.

The Ultimate Team Mode is going to have some changes incorporated into it via the patch. The issue of Goalkeeper being the default selection for all Player Roles will be fixed.

Players sometimes face an issue in which they cannot give names to their own clubs. This issue will also be fixed by the patch. The issues of image of the ball not matching the actual selected ball in the settings will also be addressed by the update.

There is an issue in the game in which a shared concept squad is shown as a playable squad in the Football Club News Feed of EA Sports. This problem too will be solved after the patch is applied to the game.

A few improvements will also make their way to the FUT Transfer Market through the patch. A toggle has been added which will allow players to quickly set the price values of an item to its maximum or minimum value when it is being listed in the Transfer Market for sale.

The Compare Price will also have certain improvements when used on consumable items. The default value set for the Buy Now option will be updated to the maximum value for an item when it is being listed in the Transfer Market for sale.

Along with the bugs fixes, the patch also brings forth the third kits for certain teams which include- Barcelona, Inter Milan and Roma. The patch will come with star heads for certain players, many of which come from a number of current season’s BPL teams which has been recently promoted.

FIFA 16 is back to the top spot once again in the UK Retail Charts for the Black Friday week. There was a delay in the release of the UK retail chart by Chart Track. It was scheduled for a November 28th release, but the chart was actually released after a few days from that date.

The ongoing Black Friday week’s deals have ensured that there is a significant amount of rise in the sales figures of consoles and games.

FIFA 16 was offered at a discounted price of £30 during the Black Friday week and it has seen a whopping 254 percent rise in sales compared to its sales figures of the previous week.