FIFA 16: Patch No. 2 Currently Available For PS3 And Xbox 360, Records A 254 Percent Sales Increase In Black Friday Week!

It is currently sitting at the top position in the chart followed by Call of Duty Black Ops III in second and Star Wars Battlefront in the third position. Black Ops III has recorded a 47 percent increase in sales over the previous week.

FIFA 16 is a standout in the popular FIFA franchise because of the fact that it was the first ever game in the series to feature female players. The inclusion of female players in FIFA 16 has been one of the major USPs of the game.

12 women’s national teams have been added to this iteration of FIFA by the developers. According to one of our sources, one of the most popular teams of the game is the U.S. Women’s National Team.

Peter Moore, the COO of EA himself stated at the BlazerCon in New York that the USWNT is one of the most-played teams of FIFA 16. He also revealed that when considered on a global basis, players have a choice of 600 teams to play with, in the game.

The USWNT stands at the 23rd position in the list of most played games from among all the 600 teams, which is definitely a remarkable feat.

Stay tuned for more update on FIFA 16.