Final Fantasy 14: Details of the 3.1 Update Revealed With Reports of FFXIV Reaching 5 Million Players Worldwide!

Before the release of the expansion, airship exploration was a hugely discussed topic and it will finally be implemented with the latest update. With the help of this new feature, Free Companies will be able to travel to a new zone on their airships in order to face various monsters on wide a range of floating islands.

A feature to make its way back to the game with this update is Time Trials and furthermore, clear time will be displayed when you are finishing instances now. However, the most exciting addition is surely the new Gold Saucer mini-game known as The Lord of Verminion.

Meanwhile, ever since Final Fantasy 14 was re-launched 2 years ago, it has witnessed the registration of more than 5 million player accounts, according to reports from Square Enix. The MMO’s first expansion Heavensward was launched in June 2015 and this impressive milestone came soon later. The 5 million mark was possible thanks to the huge increase in players, overcoming four million in February 2015.

However, 5 million players indicate the total number of accounts that have been registered worldwide. It does not refer to the people who are currently subscribed in the game.

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