Final Fantasy 14: Details of the 3.1 Update Revealed With Reports of FFXIV Reaching 5 Million Players Worldwide!

Final Fantasy XIV Director and Producer Yoshi-P recently talked about some of the changes that were coming to the game with the update 3.07 along with the 3.1 patches. A release date for the 3.1 patch is yet to be announced. It is being expected that the patch should be released right after The Rising event takes place in order to commemorate the 2-year anniversary of A Realm Reborn.

There is a lot of information waiting for your below so I suggest you open that can of soda still left in the fridge. First things first: This update is being speculated to be released next week and it will bring several changes in various aspects like the quality of life and some balance changes in various classes will be introduced as well.

One of the balancing changes that were needed for a long time will be introduced to one of the new classes which is the Astrologian. Their party-supporting actions will be going through some necessary changes along with changes to be established to their healing powers as well. The main purpose of the Astros was to buff up their teammates and there will be a substantial gain in this aspect with the coming update.

The potency of Greased Lightning stacks of the monks will be adjusted along with its duration. When out of combat, achieving max stacks should be possible with the help of a chakra change.

There are some classes which consume a lot of TP and people who play them should be delighted to know that the party bar introduced with the 3.07 update will display how much TP you currently have left.

Various classes like Ninjas, Astrologians, Machinists, and Bards will have the ability to see how much TP is left with everybody and then buff them up accordingly. The game’s community has been asking for this quality of life change for two years and finally it has been introduced.

The classes which are associated with Gathering will be happy as well since there will be a change in the Favor system introduced with the upcoming update.

There are rumors of a Machinist change to Quick Reload’s cast time and also Dark Knight TP adjustment for Blood Weapon but nothing  has been confirmed as of yet. Let’s take a look at the most exciting stuff that the new update will have to offer.

Saint Mocianne Arboretum and Pharos Sirus Hard Mode are the two new dungeons that will be implemented with this update. People who have been playing this game for a long time will definitely remember the original Pharos Sirus dungeon introduced in the early days of 2.1.

With the new hard mode, it seems like this will be a highly challenging four-man content ever since the early days of Pharos Sirus. In the meantime, Void Ark is the big content that is being added to the new 24 man raid.

In case you are flying around the beautiful zones, you should have noticed the Void Ark, which is a gigantic airship that is hard to go amiss in the background. The gameplay will be quite similar to the Crystal Tower raids that feature 3 alliances of 8 people coming with 6 healers, 3 tanks and 15 DPS in order to face what is inside this beast.

The new 3.1 patch will include the beast tribe quests that feature the Vanu Vanu along with many new main story quests that include a new sidequest for the Saint Endalim Scholasticate. There will be a new primal introduced but no further details have been revealed so far.