FIFA 16: Introduction of Swing Step Defending, Insane Sliding Tackles and Women’s National Team, Touch Dribbling Excluded, And More

To enable the no touch dribbling all u need to do is press the left bumper or L1. This will allow you to move the ball around without touching it. Letting go of the button resumes normal dribbling.

The feint can be used in one direction leaving the ball behind only to come back with an explosive burst to get past even skilled defenders.

10) FIFA 16 Trainer: The trainer helps you understand the game better and helps with tips about buttons to pull off the right move.

11) Shots on goal: The game uses 3D model of the foot to figure out how it strikes the ball, leading to a direct shot or with a little more finesse.

The gameplay play is expected to have similar graphics on all platforms, but the company notes on the official site that not all features will be available on all platforms.

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