The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards Shown the Boot, Cody Simpson’s Mother Rumored to Join, More News

Brandi Glanville’s claim that she had decided to quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is actually false. TMZ reported that Bravo decided to axe the ex wife of Eddie Ciprian because she was troublesome.

Glanville was removed from the show, last Thursday, when the producers of the reality television series decided that her tantrums and demands were becoming too much to handle. She had been behaving erratically on the set and would often get involved in physical confrontation with other members of the cast.

Even though Brandi Glanville has been removed from the star cast of the next episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she hasn’t been replaced yet. An insider from the show has said that the producers hope that this decision might shake Brandi up and make her want to change her behavior in order to get a second chance to be back in the show.

Brandi Glanville had revealed on her podcast that she had decided to quit the show even though after almost three years, Bravo had become her family. This claim was trashed by the other housewives, who knew that she has been shown the boot.

Brandi Glanville’s troubles don’t seem to end. She is facing a lawsuit slapped on her by Kyle Richards after she posted on Twitter things throwing dirt at her and her husband. Glanville claimed that Kyle’s husband Mauricio Umansky used to work for Kathy Richard’s husband, before stealing his agents and clients to open his own agency.

While she was denying the fact she had been removed from the show, she recently revealed that she has indeed been fired. She posted on her social network that she had had a crazy week. She had spoken to Yolanda Foster and Kim Richards and Lisa Vanderpump had actually emailed her after she was fired.

She went ahead to make a dig that the only reason for Vanderpump emailing her would be to let people know that she had emailed Brandi Glanville, because everything about her is a plan. Glanville had in recent times come close to Kim Richards and Yolanda Foster. She will not be an active part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6, but will be around part-time.

Brandi Glanville is the only one who was shown the boot and won’t be a part of the upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly. Kim Richards was shown the door by the producers of Bravo.

Kim Richard was removed from the show after she was arrested for drunken demeanor at a Beverly Hills hotel. She was allowed to be a part of the cast if she opted for rehab. Kim Richards did sign up for rehab, but didn’t last very long in there.

It is believed that she relapsed during her daughter, Brooke’s marriage in May. She has since then signed up for rehab again, but the network bosses are not happy with the way she has been behaving and have finalized their decision to remove her from the show.

When Kim was away at the rehab, she had refused to answer calls from the network an they found out about her entering rehab from a relative of hers. The bosses felt that Kim Richards was keeping them updated with her rehab, particularly her stint at the rehab and felt that they had continued with it for too long.

The bosses were glad to have removed Kim Richards from the show and are relieved that they will no longer be held accountable for her misconduct.