FIFA 16: Becomes Bestselling Game of 2015 On Amazon UK, Fa Announces FIFA 16 Tournament!

Various locations within the stadium that include the likes of the changing rooms, player’s tunnels and the Royal Box are going to be the places where the early rounds of the tournament are held. The final round of the tournament is going to be held at the center circle of the field and the audience can witness all the action on the massive 82 feet screens of the stadium.

The victor of this competition will go down in the history books as the very first winner of the tournament. The person will also be invited to watch The Emirates FA Cup Final and will receive a VIP treatment while he or she watches the match. Fans can sign up to be a part of the tournament here. The last date for entry is March 18, 2016.

FIFA 16 has been beaten by Adele for the title of the biggest entertainment seller of 2015. The chart released by The Entertainment Retailers Association for the previous year shows that the third album of Adele, 25 is sitting at the top position of the list. FIFA 16 was the bestselling game of the previous year but fell short in grabbing the top position when it came to the biggest entertainment seller of 2015.

A music act topping this particular chart is a rare occurrence as it has happened only once before back in 2011 when another album by Adele, 21 grabbed the top position with the sale of 3.92 million copies of the album in that year.

Stay tuned for more update on FIFA 16.