Fat Amy Will Get Married In Pitch Perfect 3, Anna Camp Proposed By Boyfriend and Co-Actor Skylar Astin!

The couple was reunited and their old flame was given another shot in the sequel and this resulted in making a lot of fans happy. Viewers should note that Fat Amy is the symbol of a character that destroyed the struggles of being bullied and later, she found herself embracing the art of music. Fans will definitely look forward to a setting where a bullied woman is loved by someone who doesn’t care about her looks.

There are lots of other rumors surrounding the upcoming plot of Pitch Perfect 3. However, Fat Amy getting married is one of the best story lines that will result in the third movie emerging successfully.

According to the latest reports, the production film for Pitch Perfect 3 are currently preparing for filming. Rebel Wilson, the lead actress of Pitch Perfect revealed that Pitch Perfect 3 will kick off in the early months of 2016. She declared it while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last November.

The 31-year old Australian actress will be making a comeback along with other members like Chloe Beale, played by Brittany Snow and Beca Mitchell, played by Anna Kendrick.  Originally, the film was supposed to release on 21st July, 2017 but it was later moved due to some production glitches involving Pacific Rim 2.

According to Entertainment Report, Pitch Perfect 3 will release on 7th August 2017. Until official words from the production are released, we are not sure whether the other members will be making a comeback as well.

Stay tuned for more updates on Pitch Perfect 3!