Fat Amy Will Get Married In Pitch Perfect 3, Anna Camp Proposed By Boyfriend and Co-Actor Skylar Astin!

The latest news surrounding Pitch Perfect 3 is that Anna Camp is engaged. Over the New Year, Actor Skylar Astin got down on one knee in order to propose to his Pitch Perfect co-star and longtime girlfriend and she accepted him. Skylar took to Instagram on Saturday afternoon in order to reveal this piece of information.

Anna was seen beside him flashing her new engagement ring. Austin was pretty coy regarding how he proposed to Anna but according to the social media photos, the two were actually vacationing in Hawaii.

Just before the release of Pitch Perfect 2, during the summer of 2015, Anna Camp revealed some details about her sweet boyfriend to E! News and discussed how happy she was. She further explained that on a funnier turn of events, they never actually perform any scenes together.

They had a great time when they saw each other on the set and it was pretty awesome and exciting. She further added that Skylar is definitely as sweet as his character in Pitch Perfect. At first, they were just friends but later they hit it off. Camp told glamour magazine that he is really great and on top of that, he is a Libra as well.

At that time, he was dating somebody and Anna had just gone through a divorce. He asked whether Anna would like to go on a date and Anna kept thinking how he was five years younger than her. Anna’s 31 while Skylar is 26. During that moment, she wanted to give it a shot and see how it all turns out.

From the looks of it, the soon-to-be-married couple also has a natural talent for singing. Camp revealed that her first job was a musical and she has been singing on and off for quite some time now. As a result, she was pretty happy to land a part in a musical role which quite fun and exciting.

Skylar was a singer on Broadway and he is pretty fantastic as well. One year after the release of the Cappella comedy, Skylar Astin and Anna Camp came out as a couple in 2013 summer. According to a source close to the couple, they have amazing chemistry.

During the 3rd Annual 24 Hour Plays presented by Montblanc in Santa Monica, California, in June of 2013, their relationship was publicly debuted. At that moment, Anna Camp was in the middle of a divorce with her 3-years husband, actor Michael Mosley.

In the late April of 2013, the filed for divorce, citing the reason as irreconcilable differences. However, they have been separated for several months before that. The source further claims that nothing romantic happened till she was officially separated from her husband.

In other news, there have been a lot of spoilers, rumors and speculations regarding Pitch Perfect 3 surfacing online. The latest rumor reveals that Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson, will be walking down the aisle in order to marry Bumper, played by Adam DeVine.

Earlier in October, it was revealed that Elizabeth Banks will be back to direct the upcoming Pitch Perfect 3 movie. Earlier this year, Pitch Perfect 2 managed to bring in some great Box Office figures. Therefore, it is no surprise that Universal Studios decided to bring back the director who helped make the first film, a major success.