Kimberly McCullough of General Hospital Talks about Her Late Miscarriage!

Kimberly McCullough of General Hospital recently revealed in an emotional post that she recently suffered from a late-term miscarriage. In order to share details of her rollercoaster year, she decided to use her blog and declared that she was tired but grateful at the same time.

Talking about losing her daughter, she revealed that her heart was really full and then it broke. The sadder fact is that this happened just a few weeks after she lost her 13-year old dog, Melba. She added that what happened to her was too much and that she didn’t need to learn this lesson and wasn’t interested at all.

She considers herself to be out of control and she doesn’t believe that things like this happen for any reason at all. Right now, she is still processing whatever happened to her and going through the healing process.

She further declared that only a person who has gone through losing a baby at 22 weeks will understand the tragic nature of this incident. At the same time, she is proud of the fact that she allowed herself to be happy and relish the moment in the same process.

She reminded herself of all the goodness and the happy moments and wishes that everything returns back to being great again. However, McCullough is looking forward to a great start in a new year in spite of her loss. She concluded in her post that she doesn’t want to go Oprah on us but at the end of the year and the starting of the next, she is grateful for it all.

Meanwhile, other stars were also quite candid about their pregnancy process. Kim Kardashian talked about her high risk pregnancy when she was pregnant with Saint West, her newborn son.

According to the spoilers of General Hospital Sam Morgan and Jason Morgan will get closer this week and they might get to redo their missed moment from New Year’s. From the looks of it, Jason is finally getting some of the mojo back, which he originally had while being a part of JaSam.

It is a happenstance meeting since both of them were thinking about moving back to the penthouse they shared. In the end, it could turn out to be a lot more. While Alexis Davis talked to her other girls about sex, Sam and Jason on the other hand, were on the verge of running into each other.

She further talked about how it could be transforming, beautiful and at the same time, worth the risk of loss. Jason and Sam might re-ignite their passion and furthermore, it could be transformative for Jason. Meanwhile, Jason revealed that he had another memory flash of his time with her while he and Sam were at the apartment.

At the same time, it was different from the other memories that he had. It was like Jason looking in from the outside, towards his old life. He had no emotional attachment to the memories and therefore, he felt like a spectator to them.

Sam will be much more vivid in his next recollection and this will further, generate a lot of feelings in him. Till now, the only type of romantic attachment and interest he felt as the new Jason was with Liz Webber.

Therefore, the point where he feels love for Sam for the first time in his new life can be considered to be a momentous milestone. The particular memory might trigger Jason to kiss Sam and from there, everything might turn out to be steamy.