Fast and Furious 8: Is Universal Pictures Having Trouble Finding A Director? Rumors of Angelina Jolie Starring in the Film!

In an interview with ET online, Michelle Rodriguez, who plays the role of Letty Ortiz in the film stated that she would be delighted to have Angelina Jolie as her co-star and would like to see her in the role of a villain, in the film.

As of yet, here has been no confirmation regarding the matter from Jolie herself.

Another popular website reported that the filming of Fast and Furious 8 will begin next summer. The movie will be a tribute to Paul Walker, who unfortunately passed away in November 2013 in a car accident.

The site also reported that the main theme of the movie will be street racing, which is actually the core theme of the Fast and Furious franchise. It was what Paul always wanted—to make a film which would be true to the franchise’s core theme, which was racing.

News regarding the cast of the film is also doing rounds on the internet. Ecumenical News reported that apart from the regular cast, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham who played the role of Agent Luke Hobbs and villain Deckard Shaw respectively in Fast and Furious 7 are also coming back to reprise their roles in Fast and Furious 8.

It is also confirmed that Ruby Rose, the actress from the popular TV series, “Orange is the New Black” is joining the cast of Fast and Furious 8.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on fast and Furious 8.