Destiny The Taken King: Update Improves Gameplay, Collectibles Hold the Story, Fans and Critics Happy, More Details

Destiny: The Taken King has won quite a lot of praises from the players and critics. The players have appreciated the fact that the creators of the game have given importance to the story of the game as well as the different characters.

Destiny: The Taken King places a lot of importance on the collectibles and the developers at Bungie had already warned the fans that with the Year Two cycle they will be sharing all the secrets of The Taken King, but the fans will have to figure out where to find them.

For those players who are still to figure out the places from where the history of Oryx, the new monster from Bungie and the back story of the Hive can be found out, start collecting as many collectibles and visit the website.

Most of the story has been included in the game itself, but the major chunk of the story in Destiny: The Taken King can be read in the Bungie website or the game app with the help of the Grimoire cards.

So how do the players find these Grimoire cards? They are unlocked as and when the players find one of the hidden Ghost collectibles in Destiny: The Taken King. Destiny: The Taken King expansion pack has introduced the new Calcified Fragments, which can also help the players unlock Grimoire cards.

The newly added Calcified Fragments have revealed a large part of the game’s story about the Hive race and it has also revealed that the Taken King, Oryx is the actual leader of the race.

According to Euro Gamer, the story reveals the origin of Oryx, the leader and the Hive race. It also states that Hive has their origin in the three daughters of their king- Sathona, Xi Ro and Aurash.

The original Hive race had faced a huge set back when their planet crashed with a gas giant. The planet was reduced to nothing. To add to this, their numbers was also coming down because of infighting and the killing by other predators.

With the race facing the threat of extinction, Aurash steps up and decides to act in a way that would help their race propagate and survive the crisis.  She travels to the centre of the gas giant and meets Leviathan, who is the disciple of Traveller. Aurash doesn’t stop here, but goes further to meet the Worms.

The three sisters then decide to join forces with the Worm and morph together so that they can become the host for the larvae from the Worm. With this pact, they would be forever tied to the Worm, but they would get new powers and strengths.

The three sisters then transform into new creatures- Sathona becomes Savathûn, Xi Ro becomes Xivu Arath and Aurash becomes Auryx and later Oryx. Oryx is crowned and becomes the King of the Hive.

The lore also holds that the immense power that the three sisters now possess makes sure that they are almost immortal. They cannot be killed until they are killed while sitting at the throne. This indicates the future is filled with war and a lot of intrigue.

With almost 50 Calcified Fragments embedded in the game, the players are going to scoop every possible corner to find out as many as they can. The more they play and discover, the more information there is for the new players to go ahead with.