Destiny The Taken King: Update Improves Gameplay, Collectibles Hold the Story, Fans and Critics Happy, More Details

There still isn’t any one player who has been able to find out the whole story of Destiny: The Taken King but the collective effort can be found in Destiny Tracker.

According to Express, Bungie has revealed that most of the new rewards that is available in Destiny: The Taken King is related to the personal gear of the players. Hearing this, the fans have found out that there is a secret area in Daily Heroic Story where they had to take a detour while on the Lost to Light mission and the reward they got was a special weapon, a Black Spindle sniper rifle.

The recent update to Destiny: The Taken King reorganises every aspect of the game. It makes the content and the game play more coherent and improves the progression of the story as well.

The expectation from Destiny: The Taken King wasn’t very high since The Dark Below and House of Wolves were below par, but the new expansion has made things a little better. With the introduction of the quest, players finally know why they are going on a certain mission and they can contribute to their gear and character level with it.

Destiny: The Taken King has become more generous with the update and the players and critics are very happy with the changes that they have introduced.

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