Vikings Season 4: Plot to Deal with Rollo’s Betrayal, Ragnar’s Son Fights for the Throne, and More!

History Channel’s Vikings is all set for the fourth season and this time round, things are sure going to heat up in the world of the heathen warriors. Vikings Season 4 promises to have more back stabbing and intrigues and fans sure can’t wait for it to finally come on television.

Viking Season 3 saw Rollo (Clive Standen) betraying his brother Ragnar (Travis Fimmel). Ragnar had blindly trusted his brother, but Rollo caved in, in the face of the innumerable promises that were made to him by Emperor Charles of West Francia (Lothaire Bluteau). Rollo was not just offered titles and land, but the princess as his wife.

The fourth season of Vikings will deal with consequences and the aftermath of this betrayal. Rollo is in for a hard time. He doesn’t understand what he has gotten into and to make matters worse, he doesn’t understand the language. If Rollo plans on moving out of his brother’s shadow the he has to prove himself worthy of it.

While talking about the way his character betrays his brother, Clive Standen told Entertainment Weekly that Rollo doesn’t have anything to go back to in Kattegat. He really doesn’t place a lot of worth on the lands and the title and the new wife, but he weighed it against his present life and thought it was a better deal.

Standen also confirmed that it is going to be a matter of time when Rollo realises his mistake, but it is going to be too late and he is going to have to face the terrible wrath of his brother, Ragnar and his people.

Ragnar has always had troubles in his marriage and Vikings Season 4 is going to focus on his marriage with Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) and their changing dynamics. Aslaug had been left in charge of the people in Kattegat when Rollo had led his army to fight Paris. Now that she has tasted power once, she refuses to give in and bow down in front of Ragnar and this is going to be a problem between the two.

Ragnar and Aslaug had been having problems in their marriage and Vikings Season 4 will see them trying to work things out, but they ultimately fail and the marriage comes to an end. With Aslaug and his marriage coming to an end, Ragnar already has a new love interest in the upcoming season.

There are reports stating that Ragnar is going to be captivated by an Asian slave that he has captured from Paris. Yidu, as her name is has caught the attention of the King of Denmark, since she is unlike any woman that he has ever seen.

Michael Hirst, the creator of the series has informed Ecumenical News that Rollo and Aslaug are the last of the worries on Ragnar’s mind. The King is dead set on defeating Paris and capturing it and for that to happen he has to enter into an uneasy alliance with King Ecbert.

Hirst has hinted that the kings are coming into an alliance unwillingly, but along the course of the ensuing alliance they will realise that they have more in common than they have ever realised. This might be the start of a very fruitful friendship for the two of them.

However, history suggests that King Ecbert kills King Ragnar and ends the alliance by throwing the latter into a pit of snakes. Fans are yet to wait and see what’s in store for the great warrior king in the television series.