Vikings Season 4: Plot to Deal with Rollo’s Betrayal, Ragnar’s Son Fights for the Throne, and More!

Master Herald has reported that Vikings Season 4 is going to see Ragnar’s first born Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) become a true leader and a powerful warrior. When he finds out about Rollo’s betrayal of his father, he vows to kill his uncle.

While talking to Enstarz, Ludwig says that he isn’t aware of how Bjorn is going to get his revenge from Rollo, but he knows that the kind of person Bjorn is when he decides to someone’s enemy, there is no escaping for that person.

Vikings Season 4 is also going to see Ragnar’s two sons fighting it out when Ragnar abdicates the throne of Denmark. Bjorn is the rightful heir to the throne, however, Ragnar’s other son, Ivor isn’t ready to be under Bjorn’s rule and he is going to fight it out with Bjorn.

There are rumors suggesting that Ragnar isn’t going to abdicate the throne, but he will be removed as the King of Denmark by his own people, in favor of Bjorn sitting on the throne. Hirst has confirmed that the sibling rivalries between Ragnar and Rollo and Bjorn and Ivor will hold a lot of significance and there is a lot of stake.

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