Fast and Furious 8: Director Confirmed, Last Film in The Franchise, Casting Rumors Unearthed!

However, he added that whoever wants to join the list now, must stand behind Helen Mirren, she is featured in that list already. Fans are excited that Mirren is going to be a part of Fast and Furious 8, but they are not really sure if that was just Vin Diesel being funny or whether that was him sharing a valuable piece of information about the upcoming film.

There are reports that Dwayne Johnson who played Agent Hobbs and Jason Statham who played Deckard Shaw are going to be back. It has already been confirmed by the studio that Ruby Rose is also going to be a part of the eight instalment of the franchise.Eva Mendez is also going to be back for the film in her role of Agent Monica Fuentes and will join Dominic and Hobbs to fight crimes.

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