Pokemon Z: Greninja Will Receive Makeover Inspired by Ash, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to Receive Shiny Yveltal and Xerxeas, More Information!

In the new anime season, new forms of Pokemon Zygarde have been revealed and this actually hints at the release of a Pokemon Z in the future. In the latest CoroCoro leaks, the fans of Pokemon X and Y along with those who are waiting for the release of Pokemon Z are actually hoping for something exciting to happen.

From the looks of it, new distributions are heading our way. Keep in mind that these are not just any ordinary Pokemon but they are legendary for X and Y. Serebii, the trusted Pokemon source reported that with the release of Pokemon X, Y & Z anime, there will be weekly distributions in time.

People will get to see the first legendary, a shiny Xerxeas on 29th October and at Level 100, it will come with the moves like Focusblast, Moonblast, Geomancy and Aromatherapy. On November, Pokemon fans will get the taste of the shiny Yveltal. It will also come with awesome moves like Oblivion Wing, Sucker Punch, Foul Play and Dark Pulse.

Equipped with the moves Extreme Speed, Outrage, Glare and Land’s Wraith, the Zygarde will be distributed on 12th November. You will be able to acquire these Pokemon through a serial code. Furthermore, the scanned leaks of the CoroCoro magazine have further introduced the images of the distributed Pokemon.

When it comes to Pokemon Z, Zygarde has been a rather hot topic. Furthermore, fans enjoyed a great treat with an update from Nintendo and people got to clap their eyes on the many Formes of the Zygarde. Keep in mind that this included the rich transformation from a cell to an evolved Pokemon during the transformation of this Pokemon.

Furthermore, Niantic and The Pokemon Company will be revealing more details regarding Pokemon GO. Meanwhile, developers are waiting for the middle of October to reveal more details and information on the upcoming title.

According to reports from Express, it is said that the company will get sink deep into the plans regarding the game. This will include the game Pokemon GO as well as the real world aspect and nature of this title.

Meanwhile, all we know about Pokemon GO is that it will introduce a real-world aspect. Using augmented reality and GPS technology via Ingress, players will be able to catch Pokemon in real life.

Through this new mobile game, players will be able to explore the world of Pokemon from a different perspective. Meanwhile, the Pokemon Company did not declare as to the kind of technology that will arrive in Pokemon GO.

If you wish to receive the three special Pokemon, Xerxeas, Yveltal and Zygarde, the player needs to be online while playing and then access the Mystery Gift option that is located on the main menu.

Keep in mind that all three of this Pokemon will be available Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. iDigital Times reports that the lack of Zygarde is clearly noticeable but the version of this legendary Pokemon will most probably be added through a later event.

Furthermore, it has been speculated that this new event Pokemon will bring more than just a few rewards in order to celebrate the launch of the new anime. The event Pokemon might be a clear indication that Pokemon Z is on the works and it will further launch in 2016, besides the 20th Anniversary of this franchise.

2016 will be a big year for Pokemon fans with the release of Pokemon Z. There is also a release window for Pokemon Z and Pokken Tournament which will bring further excitement.

In other news, it is being rumored that Greninja will get a makeover inspired by Ash and he will further make an appearance in the upcoming game, Pokemon Z.