Fast and Furious 8: Brian O’Conner Won’t Be a Part of the Movie, Jordana Brewster Unsure About Her Comeback, And More!

Fast and Furious 8 will be directed by F. Gary Gray. Latinos Post has reported that Fast and Furious will be reportedly filmed in both New York and Cuba. Films from the franchise have previously shot in locations like Canary Islands, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, London and Abu Dhabi.

With Cuba under their wings, they will make history since it will be the second Hollywood film to ever be shot there since the 1960s.

Hollywood Reporter announced that F. Gary Gray has been travelling and scouting for a location for Fast and Furious 8. He has been checking out locations in Cuba as well.

With trade embargoes on Cuba by the United States set to be lifted, there are chances that the film might get a chance to actually shoot on location in the country.

With reports suggesting that the Fast and Furious franchise heading towards an end, Vin Diesel talked about plans for spinoffs.

He said that every character in the film has a rich back story and they can very easily tap into their story to make different films based on the Fast and Furious franchise. There are talks on this and Universal Pictures will make it official once something concrete is planned.

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