Fargo Season 3: New Season Premieres in 2017 with New Cast and New Setting!

He further mentioned that the time break between seasons ensures that event quality is delivered to the show. He stated, “The idea that we can take our time and get them right and put them on the air — whether that’s 12 months or 15 months or 18 months after the last one — that really makes it an event,” According to him, whenever the creators are hitting the same airdate every year, it means that they are creating a simple television show.

After the success of the last two seasons, it seems that the show is concentrating more on quality than quantity. Hawley along with the showrunners see this series as an accurate project which needs to deliver to its fans.

The series has been progressing with a lot of time gaps. It looks like an anthology category of series but even then, it’s not completely that. Broader portion of the stories are included in the seasonal time jumps and in certain ways, they also mix with each other. Lou Solverson as one of the younger characters in Season 2 is a good example of this.

The first season took place in 2006 while the second season was set in 1979. Season 3 will adopt a contemporary theme and will be set in 2010. Hawley said that we are in the era of selfies at the moment.

People even take a picture of the food they are having and then share it with others. Hawley said, “We wanted to explore how antithetical that can be to the Lutheran predelictions [sic] of the region.”

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