Fargo Season 3: New Season Premieres in 2017 with New Cast and New Setting!

Noah Hawley, the show runner of Fargo that season 3 of this critically-acclaimed comedy crime drama won’t be available for viewers until 2017, according to Variety. Hawley revealed that season 3 will not be released in 2016.

He declared it during a conference call during the second season of Fargo. He further added that this is a winter show for better or worse. Before this winter is over, there is not much time to shoot another year.

He further declared that he wants to be certain that before filming commences, the upcoming season should be completely written. According to him, it is very important to him and the other producers that writing and actual production of season 3 should be separate.

They also need to take their time and break the whole story down. In this manner, they will know what they are doing and will be further clear on what the story is. He further revealed to press that the process of writing is currently under progress and moreover, the first hour of season 3 has already been penned.

Over the next several months, the writing will continue and production phase should begin in November. Airing of Fargo should again commence by spring 2017. The third season of Fargo will be set four years after the ending of first season, in 2010. Meanwhile, there will be no primary roles played by Season 1 regulars in Season 3.

However, Hawley said that in the future, the stories could interact with characters which viewers may have noticed before. He warned that viewers should not search for Season 3 clues in the second season. He declared that Season 3 is not at all teed up to Season 2.

Fargo creator revealed that the various questions which producers wanted to answer were as follows: “What’s left to say? What do we do that feels similar, but different so we’re not repeating ourselves?” Moreover, they are always looking for several connections that can be secured into the larger body of work which they are crafting.

There was a ratings drop off between Season 1 and 2 but in spite of that, there will definitely be a season 3. Not only that, there will be more. Before the finale on Monday, Fargo season 2 averaged 1.24 million viewers on the Monday nights.

This is down more than 30 percent compared to season 1. Fargo is clearly a prestige title for the network and during the news releases for the show; Metacritic and Rotten Tomato scores are always listed. A Peabody and multiple Emmy nominations were secured by the first season of Fargo. It further won multiple Outstanding Miniseries.

Season two of this series won three Golden Globe nominations and this includes acting categories for Kirsten Dunst and Patrick Wilson along with Best Miniseries. It was announced last week by FX that Noah Hawley has been signed to a three-year deal in order to develop numerous projects. This also includes overseeing the continuing Fargo.

It was renewed for its third season in November. The new season’s premiere episode has already been written by Hawley and presently, he is working through the season story. From the looks of it, production won’t commence until almost a year from now. During a Tuesday conference call, he revealed that this is the reality.