Tekken 7: Likely to be Released on the PC, VR in This Game Isn’t What You Expect!

Bandai Namco announced Tekken 7 back in Paris Games Week of October. It was declared that the game would have PlayStation VR features when it arrives on the PS4. After this declaration, fans started imagining that they were punching each other in first person.

There were entire message boards wondering whether this would be a brilliant or a terrible idea. No matter what your stance is, you are wrong.

From the latest reports, the early assumptions of Tekken VR were quite off base. Michael Murray, the senior game designer told WIRED that the plans are more about appreciating the game instead of beating up the game’s roster.

Murray spoke to WIRED at Bandai Namco’s headquarters in Tokyo and he dispelled any kind of fears regarding the idea of a first-person themed VR Tekken. He said that when Bandai Namco announced the Virtual Reality feature involving the game, people didn’t like the fact that they would be playing in first person and it sounded rather weird and unnecessary.

Murray revealed that there is a hidden command in Tekken 2 through which you can play the game in First Person but nobody would like to do that for the entire Tekken game. As far as the core gameplay features are concerned, people already like the way Tekken is and fans want it to stay that way.

He stated, “I think people think we’re going to incorporate VR into the main game itself, when we don’t currently see a way that that would enhance Tekken to a new level better than what it would be right now.”

Murray also talked about the things players can expect regarding this title. He revealed that Tekken is all about the characters. Fans of Tekken want to see the cool characters along with cute female characters like Lucky Chloe.

They have loads of customization options available for them and furthermore, they have a lot of cool new techniques which are all motion captured. All he could say was that people will definitely enjoy the game in that aspect.

Meanwhile, not everyone has a VR headset at the moment and this could affect expectations regarding this upcoming title. Murray says that besides trade shows and others, people didn’t get too many chances to experience VR.

Murray stated, “So what is an optimal experience? Is it an environment [itself] or is it because you’re in it, and how does that relate to you and your opponent? Because it is a fighting game, that’s the major mechanic.”

Murray further continued that since Tekken is a head-to-head game, people expect that the characters will end up punching each other like Punch Out since it is going to be in Virtual Reality. Murray thinks that this is where the misconception comes in and he does not wish to do that.

He said, “It doesn’t lend itself to a fighting game well, so we want to find something that isn’t that but still pleases fans. [Tekken senior producer] Katsuhiro Harada always illustrates it as, if someone’s right in your face, punching, it’s very jarring and disorienting not that fun experience you want.”

Meanwhile, the release date for Bandai Namco’s Tekken 7 is yet to be revealed and no official statement has been announced so far by the team that is working behind it. A further report from Crossmap reveals that there is still no kind of update regarding when this game will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The hit fighting game was not shown during the 2015 PlayStation Experience, as reported by Movie News Guide. This is an annual event that is organized by Sony Computer Entertainment.