Fans Excited About Rumored Upcoming Captain America 3 Trailer, Daredevil Could Be Added In Civil War!

According to him, Captain America 3 will feature a ‘stupendous film experience’. He compared to the likes of traveling to Vegas with an unlimited credit card. He considers the relationship between Captain America and Falcon to be based on ‘soldier respect’ and ‘mutual respect’. The relationship will develop further after Age of Ultron and become more of a central plot line in Captain America 3.

Meanwhile, major speculations suggest that Charlie Cox, who plays the Man Without Fear in Netflix’s upcoming series Daredevil, will join the roster in Civil War. However, if there is going to be any such development, Cox is pretending to be unaware of it. He has been reading Civil War, and Daredevil appears in that.

However, he hasn’t been called or invited to the ‘party’ yet. However, it’ll be very cool to be part of this wonderful franchise. Staying in the background and saying cool stuff now and then will be a cool way to spend his time with the other stars. Daredevil is the superhero alter ego of Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer and is an integral part of this range of comics. He might not be the biggest player, but he certainly sticks around. He is a major part of the Marvel comic book landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates on Captain America 3!