Fallout 4: You Can Now Print Your Own 3D Pip-Boy, Exclusive Deals and More Bundles Keep Coming!

Keep in mind that these are limited to retailers in specific parts of the world. A Fallout 4 Loot Crate is also being offered through a partnership between Bethesda and Lootcrate.

This will include a lot of special items that is sure to excite fans of the Fallout series. Let us remind you that supplies are limited so you must add your email address to the vault and you will be notified when the time is ripe for you to order.

In other news, one of the biggest surprises was that Fallout 4 won’t be supporting any user mods across platforms like Xbox One and PC. Vice President of Marketing Pete Hines declared that their entire focus right now is to ship the game on time.

In the meantime, Fallout 4 Director Todd Howard said that Gamers can avoid killing a lot in Fallout 4. Although you can’t play the whole game without violence, there are many different styles of gameplay that you can get accustomed to.

Stay tuned for more updates on Fallout 4!