Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Releases in October, Rumors of a Mini Surface Device in the Pipeline, And More

It was announced a few months back that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 on 29th July, coinciding with the official launch date of Microsoft Windows 10. Various market analysts and general people alike, considered this to be a smart move on their part but ultimately this didn’t happen.

If it happened, this would have been one of the best launches for a tablet/hybrid device in the Surface line-up, especially considering the success of Microsoft Windows 10 OS.

Again, a few weeks ago, it was reported that the release of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has been pushed back a year as the 256GB Solid State Drive that would have been used by the device will need to be mass produced by Samsung Electronics. It will be the primary supplier of this component. Right now, it seems like the official launch date for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has been set since Samsung has no qualms in supplying those much-needed SSDs.

Reports indicate that this laptop/tablet hybrid will be launched in October and according to IT Pro of UK, it will be launched retail markets. The October release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will coincide with the release of Apple’s latest iPad lines and this includes the iPad Pro which will compete with the Redmondian Pro 4.  As a result, when these two devices hit markets in the coming months, users will be hard-pressed to choose between two such premium products.

Windows Expert, Paul Thurrott revealed that Microsoft Surface Pro 4 would be releasing in October. He also talked about the size and processor of this hypothetical device (as of now). He reports that Windows 10 was originally projected to be revealed in October and therefore, the Surface Pro 4 will follow will be released on that month.

It seems that Microsoft was a bit aggressive with their launch of Windows 10 OS and the company’s hardware team wasn’t able to cope with this change. Another fact that glares you in the eye is that Intel’s upcoming Skylake CPUs will be ready for production in October.

These two evidences have coincided and therefore it seems like the October release for Surface Pro 4 is a solid confirmation. Furthermore, according to Thurrott, the upcoming Surface Pro 4 should resemble its predecessor in terms of size and thickness.

This report can be traced back to an official Surface blog post that was released in October last year. This article reported on Microsoft’s commitment of making all present Surface accessories functional with the future releases in the Surface line-up.

If this is true, especially considering the Type Covers, the upcoming device should have the same size and feel of the previous generation device. A report claims that the Surface Pro 4 will utilize Windows 10 camera hardware with facial recognition feature known as ‘Windows Hello’.

It makes use of several layers of 3D cameras in order to verify the biometrics of a user’s face. This is the only top product which supports this at the moment. If this technology is included in the Surface Pro 4, this would certainly be touted as a major development.

In terms of hardware and specifications, we should be seeing the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with a 2K screen and 2160×1440 pixels. According to popular belief, the Surface Pro 4 will have a 12inch design like the Pro 3 and or it will come with a 14-inch display. There are rumors that the iPad Pro will have a large display, considering Apple’s trend of increasing display size in their iPhones.