Fallout 4: You Can Now Print Your Own 3D Pip-Boy, Exclusive Deals and More Bundles Keep Coming!

Bethesda recently asked its factories about the chances of building more Pip-Boy Mark IVs for the premium Fallout 4 bundle. According to Pete Hines, they’ve reached a point where they can’t make any more Pip-Boys and they reached a point where they would go back to the factories but all they received in return was, “Sorry, this is as many as we can make”.

However, if you still wish to get a Pip-Boy for your own, the chances are not totally lost. Yvo de Haas at Ytec3D declared that you can 3D print your own. Furthermore, you can easily make one before Fallout 4 officially releases on 10th November.

To make things even better, the 3D-printed Pip Boys from Haas will come in various sizes, suited to different sized humans. Keep in mind that at the moment, only the 100% scale phone version is available but it will also come in an Accurate Edition as well. Haas further tells us that it was a real challenge to accommodate the phone in the Pip Boy.

It was announced at E3 that the Collector’s Edition would have a wearable Pip Boy that will be able to hold a phone. The only single problem is that Smartphones have become bigger since Fallout 3 and the present Pip Boy is smaller than its predecessor. In order to assure a decent fit for the smartphone, Bethesda decided to break down some of the dimensions and proportions.

Dimensions were sometimes broken down by 1cm which sounds quite trivial on paper but it makes quite a difference in reality. The same thing has been done for the 3D-printed version as well. If you really want accuracy, be aware that the Accurate Edition won’t fit a smartphone but a custom computer should be compatible with it.

In the meantime, Ytec3D has made a list of all the parts that you will need in order to make your own Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV. He also included the files that are needed on the printer along with some notes that can be used to finally assemble the complete piece. He also declared that a general assembly guide will be released soon.

In the meantime, we have learned quite a few details about Fallout 4 in July. Right now, as an avid gamer, you should be patient and wait for more Fallout 4 deals.

It may release several months later but there are new deals emerging for Xbox One, PC and PS4. Best Buy has provided two of the more exciting Fallout 4 deals for PS4, PC and Xbox One and there is a lot more from where that came from.

Amazon Prime members will enjoy a $7 discount for Fallout 4 along with further discounts on many of its accessories. As the game keeps nearing its release, you should expect to see more killer Fallout 4 deals coming your way.

I say be patient and wait for the more lucrative deals. Deals in places like Best Buy will remain static. However, be sure that others will keep popping up in the future. In case you want to save a few dollars, you better look out for the month of August as a lot of deals are coming your way.

Next up, Fallout 4 bundles are getting more exciting. We have already seen a PC exclusive bundle that educates gamers about the entire Fallout series. On 29th September, Bethesda will release a Fallout Anthology for PC. It will include a mini nuke case along with every Fallout title except Fallout 4.

At the same time, this case will come with a space for you to store Fallout 4 as well. Although Bethesda hasn’t announced any bundle of its own, a lot of retailers have stepped up to release bundles of their own. A Fallout 4 Mighty bundle includes a coffee table book and a figurine and there’s a Fallout 4 Nuke Pack as well.