Fallout 4: Rumors about Upcoming DLC, Man Sues Bethesda for Ruining His Marriage, Fallout 4 Player Hit by Car while Gaming!

In another strange incident involving the game, a man named Ben Rose was hit by a car inside his house while he was playing Fallout 4 on his Xbox One console. The man is a resident of Texas and he was hit by a Hyundai Sonata that burst into his house while he was engrossed in the game one fine Sunday afternoon. The accident left him with a fractured vertebra and a sliced Achilles tendon.

The Police report claimed that the driver of the car had by mistake floored the gas pedal while actually trying to hit the brakes. Rose stated that he was saved by the chair that he was sitting on which took the majority of the impact of the crash.

He was thrown off the chair when the car hit it and this prevented him from going under the car which could have been much more fatal.  The car that hit him was reportedly uninsured.

The poor guy is left with paying medical bills and a gaping hole in his house that would require further expenses to be repaired. An online fundraiser has been created by his friends and readers can contribute to the fundraiser if they wish come to the aid of this unfortunate gamer. Some photos of his house after the accident had occurred were also posted on the fundraiser page.

Stay tuned for more update on Fallout 4.