Fallout 4: Rumors about Upcoming DLC, Man Sues Bethesda for Ruining His Marriage, Fallout 4 Player Hit by Car while Gaming!

The open world action role playing game from the Bethesda stable has been one of the most ground-breaking games of 2015. It was released on 10th November, 2015 for PC and the current-gen consoles of Xbox One and Play Station 4.

It went on to become one of the best-selling titles from Bethesda Game Studios and recorded a mindboggling 1.2 million copies sold on Steam within the first 24 hours of its release.

The rumors regarding the game’s upcoming DLCs are starting to build up on the internet. However, in a recent interview, Todd Howard, the director of the game stated that the first DLC for the game won’t make an appearance before the middle of the next year.

Previously, a $30 Season Pass was made available to fans which would allow gamers to get their hands on any number of DLCs released for the game for free. Fans who are not in possession of the Season Pass will be able to purchase and download individual parts of the DLC as per their choice.

Certain free updates will also be rolled out by the developers which would work towards fixing bugs and errors in the game along with adding certain new aspects to it.

No specific details regarding the upcoming DLC have been divulged by the developers yet but rumors are suggesting that there is a possibility that the expansion pack could be based underwater. Some mysterious items and underwater secrets have been reportedly unearthed by a Fallout fan which hints towards an upcoming underwater DLC.

It was also mentioned by Howard that the company is keeping a close touch with fans through social media and the DLC will be created based on feedbacks from the Fallout 4 community. This could be an indication that the upcoming expansion pack will bring elements and aspects that fans have wanted to see incorporated into the game.

In other news regarding the game, in a rather bizarre incident, the developer of the game Bethesda was recently sued by a Russian gamer claiming that Fallout 4 addiction had cost him his job and also his wife.

The man from Krasnoyarsk reportedly lost his job and wife after he indulged himself continuously in the Fallout 4 world for 3 weeks while ignoring other matters in his life like his family or his job. This would no doubt lead to some dire consequences and as it happened, he was thrown out of his job for skipping it on a regular basis and his wife petitioned for a divorce soon.

It was reported in Russian website that the man became so engrossed in the game after he downloaded it that he would not even stop playing it for the purpose of taking a nap or having a meal. The addiction became even more immense after he lost his job and wife.

The man claims that he had no idea what caused him to get so much addicted to the game and blames Bethesda and a Russian Localization firm by the name of SoftClub for not issuing a warning along with the game depicting that it might be potentially addictive. He has decided to sue Bethesda for 500.000 Roubles or around $7000 for his losses.

He stated that he would not have bought the game if he knew it could be so addictive or he would have not started playing it until he was on holidays.

Apparently, the man does not have a valid case as Bethesda cannot be held responsible for how players choose to play their games. It is unlikely that the man is going to receive the money that he has claimed for his losses.