Executive and Other Criminals DLC Available For GTA 5 Online, Rockstar Slashes Vehicle Prices While Double RP and Cash Still Available!

These will keep appearing on the map on the Free mode. Besides money, there are other benefits that can be enjoyed by Bodyguards. They will receive frequent RP bonuses, increased health regeneration and also stat boosts in case they are near the VIP. Meanwhile, the VIP Work in the Freemode comes with six different work types:-

  • Hostile Takeover
  • Piracy Prevention
  • Asset Recovery
  • Executive Search
  • Executive Deathmatch
  • Sightseer

Also, members will be placed against each other through 6 new VIP challenges in intra-organizational Freemode trials. These challenges are Market Manipulation, Most Wanted, Due Diligence, Point to Point, Courier Service and Auto Buyout. There is also an option of purchasing a Super Yacht.

There are several available options to choose the designs for the Super Yacht. Players can name their yacht and put on a custom flag, go through lighting options, hull color and much more. There are also anti-air defense systems available on Three Super Yachts.

Players will be able to access the Docktease website in the game and purchase a single Yacht. These Yachts are also referred to as floating apartments by Rockstar.

In other news, with the Festive Surprise update, men and women will be able to dress up as Santa Claus. This comes included with some Long-John Style underpants, pair of black boots, a red flannel shirt, red outer pants along with a nice red coat.

Stay tuned for more updates on GTA 5 Online!