Executive and Other Criminals DLC Available For GTA 5 Online, Rockstar Slashes Vehicle Prices While Double RP and Cash Still Available!

Recently, the console versions of GTA 5 Online received the New DLC Executives and Other Criminals. At the same time, gamers are pretty confident of the fact that they will be receiving the Festive Surprise Update soon enough.

There is also a new and exciting game mode called Extraction. There is a large number of new vehicles, weapons, accessories and clothes available to players through the latest content package.

The gamers who have enough cash can easily spend it on a Super Yacht or a stilt house in the Vinewood Hills. Throughout this time, you can build a new criminal empire in Los Santos. Almost every single Dock Tease vehicle is being sold at bargain prices but Rockstar is far from being finished.

The Kraken submarine which was priced at $1.3 million is now available for a price of $1 million. In the meantime, the Lampadati Toro speedboat has its priced reduced from a $1.75 million to $1.3 million. Meanwhile, the formidable Insurgent Pick-Up has been reduced to $1 million from 1.35 million.

This means good news for all the players who enjoyed pursuing the Warstock Cache and Carry site. On the other hand, in spite of being scheduled to end last Sunday, Rockstar’s double RP and cash weekend is still going on.

Players will need to advance their skills into Adversary mode if they wish to earn any extras. However, Rockstar might close shop soon so it’s recommended that you move fast.

In the meantime, the Executive and Other Criminals DLC have been released for GTA 5 Online by Rockstar and this comes with the addition of a slew of amazing features. With the latest features, players can now become the boss of a criminal network and they can defend themselves by hiring bodyguards and kill their opponents as well.

The Stilt houses for sale in the Vinewood Hills will be introduced for the first time through the premium upgrade. Players will be able to customize their interiors through the Eclipse Penthouse Apartments and of course, another new feature is Super Yachts.

The update also comes with two new weapons and new armored vehicles. Meanwhile, through its Newswire, Rockstar detailed that only those players who have more than 1 million in their GTA in-game Maze bank account will have the opportunity to become a VIP.

They will have the ability to make and name an organization and at the same time, they can hire three other players who will be serving as bodyguards for the VIP player. That being said, all GTA 5 Online players will have access to the new SecuroServ menu in the Player Interaction Menu.

Through it, gamers can become a VIP and build their own organization. Players should keep checking their SecuroServ app on their phone and look out for invites from Criminal organizations in case they desire to be Bodyguards.  Using the SecuroServ menu, they will have to set their status as ‘looking for work’.

Meanwhile, VIPs will be able to order new vehicles and drop ammo and armour for the members of the organization. Furthermore, they will be able to call in favors from Ghost Organisations. Although a temporary feature, they will be able to remove an entire organization from the radar.

In the meantime, the player who is invited to be a bodyguard will receive a periodic salary of 5000 GTA money. Furthermore, if they participate in VIP work and VIP challenges, they will receive additional RP and cash.