Empire Season 2: Lucious Seeks Revenge, Michael Likely to be Back, Rumors About Oprah Winfrey and Mariah Carey Denied!

Michael had been the love of Jamal’s life and Chaiken hinted that things might rekindle between the two. Chaiken informed TV Line that only because the two have hurt each other doesn’t mean that they will stop loving each other. Michael had cheated on Jamal with an artist and ever since Jamal threw him out of their apartment, he has been missing from Empire.

There was an instance in the series when the viewer felt that Jamal had found love in Skye (Alicia Keys). The two bonded while writing a song and they hook up. Skye feels that she is in love with Jamal, but comes clean to her, informing her that he is gay.

Jamal’s closeness with Skye might be a problem between him and Michael, but it looks like his father Lucious is going to use the information to sabotage his music career. Lucious informs Jameson (William Fichtner) that Jamal had kissed Skye. Jameson was looking to promote Jamal as a gay artist and now this information might ruin his interest in Jamal’s music completely.

There were rumors that Empire Season 2 will see Oprah Winfrey and Mariah Carey make guest appearances in the series. However, according to Hollywood Reporter, this information has been denied by co-creator Danny Strong himself. He made the announcement at the winter press tour party.

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