Empire Season 2: Lucious Seeks Revenge, Michael Likely to be Back, Rumors About Oprah Winfrey and Mariah Carey Denied!

The wait for the second half of Empire Season 2 has been a long one, but the end is near since the series is going to be on air on 30th March. With midseason finale of Empire Season 2 ending in an interesting juncture, fans are hoping that second season will answer all the queries and bring in new dramas to the fold.

Lucious (Terrence Howard) is no longer the CEO of Empire Entertainment and this was a shocking yet interesting twist to the plot. Lucious always manages to get what he wants, but this time he wasn’t the victor.

The person responsible for this turn of events was none other than his son Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray). According to Christian Today, Lucious isn’t going to take this very easily and will go all out to make sure that his son Hakeem gets back for his betrayal of his father. The trailer for the second half of Empire Season 2 shows that Lucious is going to do anything to get his revenge and he will not stop at it since it’s his son.

Hakeem has created a lot of problem for himself just by opposing his father’s accession to the post of the CEO. When Camilla ask him whether he would want to be the CEO, he jumps out enthusiastically, stating that becoming the CEO of Empire Entertainment is his birth right.

The trailer also gives a sneak peek at another interesting encounter in the second season of Empire. There is a scene where Hakeem is shown pointing a gun at his father.

Although there is no official word to confirm if either of the character dies, but things are surely not going to end well with Hakeem. Lucious will make sure that he makes Hakeem pay for all these, sooner or later.

However, Lucious will have to face Camilla (Naomi Campbell) who is going to replace him as the CEO of Empire Entertainment. Camilla got the spot because of Hakeem and she is well aware of how brutal Lucious is. Camilla on her part will be out to remove Lucious for good and will go to all extent to make sure that that happens.

Camilla hires men to kill Lucious and even blows up his car. However, Lucious comes out of these incidents unharmed and that only triggers Camilla to try harder and Empire Season 2 midseason is going to be all about Lucious trying to stay alive.

Empire Season 2 is going to focus on Jamal (Jussie Smollett). Jamal is one of the very few characters who has gone through a lot in his life, in spite of being a good person. He has seen the worst of times not only in his career, but also in his personal life.

The midseason premiere of Empire Season 2 might not focus on Lucious’ revenge. The trailer shows Lucious being comforted by Cookie (Taraji P. Henson).

TV Line has reported that Cookie will regroup her close ones. She has always wanted her family to be together and that is what she is going to focus on.

Executive producer Ilene Chaiken has told International Business Times that Empire Season 2 is going to bring Michael (Rafael de la Fuente) back. Jamal and Michael had broken up, following which Jamal had become more of a loner. The character of Michael was kept away from the series ever since the first season of Empire.