Big Bang Theory: Amy to Meet Meemaw, Series Shifts Focus to Raj, Epic Photo Uploaded by Kaley Cuoco!

Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Sheldon (Jim Parson) have finally decided to take their relationship further and after the coitus, the next step that the couple will take is to meet their respective families.

The viewers are already familiar with Sheldon’s mother, but the viewers haven’t yet met Sheldon’s grandmother, Meemaw. Meemaw is one of Sheldon’s favorite person and Amy will have to brace up before meeting her.

Episode 14 of The Big Bang Theory Season 9 will see Amy meeting Meemaw for the first time and things will not turn out very well. Meemaw will end up blaming Amy for the break up that Amy and Sheldon had had in Season 8. The meeting will be rife with tension.

Meemaw will not approve of Amy initially, but they will soon bond over Sheldon and Meemaw will go ahead to spill the beans about Sheldon’s plans to propose Amy with the former’s ring. Meemaw will also go to the extent of informing Amy that she had suggested Sheldon break up with her, instead of going ahead with the engagement.

Steve Molaro, the executive producer of The Big Bang Theory had stated that the engagement ring will be brought into focus in the coming episode. Amy will not know how to react to Meemaw and it is going to be worth a watch.

Design and Trend has reported that since The Big Bang Theory Season 9 had focused primarily on Sheldon and Amy, now with their problems sorted out, the series will take a look at the other characters who are usually pushed to the background. It is believed that Kunal Nayyar’s Raj will become the focus for the next part of the season.

Fans will be surprised to find out that Raj will decide to break up with Emily (Laura Spencer). He has always known that Emily is the one for him, but he is highly insecure of himself and it is going to take him a long time to break up. He will be struggling to take the decision to break up with Emily for the remaining part of Season 9.

Molaro let it out that Raj will finally settle down with Claire (Alessandra Torresani) whom he had first met at the comic book store. Raj will be torn between Emily and Claire. He is very afraid to be alone and hence doesn’t want to take the step to break up Emily since he doesn’t know how Claire feels for him.

Raj is still trying to figure out his relationships, while all his other friends have settled down. Raj is a series regular, but is a limit in his story line and that is what the creators are trying to work on. There are talks about making Raj achieve something that will suddenly make him stand out in the group, just like Wolowitz became an astronaut.

Raj has always been overshadowed by the other three guys and this season will see him making a stand of his own. He will meet a script writer who wants to work with him and it will see him finally doing something that will make his friends jealous.

Fans have also expressed their desire to see Raj and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) together. The two have been hilarious in their previous encounters and fans miss their quirkiness. Raj and Bernadette used to be close friends and got along very well and there is a chance that the writers will focus on Raj and Bernadette again.