Big Bang Theory: Amy to Meet Meemaw, Series Shifts Focus to Raj, Epic Photo Uploaded by Kaley Cuoco!

Friends is one of the most popular series and there are chances of the whole cast coming for another in February. The Big Bang Theory has made quite a name for itself, but it still has a long time to go before it can reach the level of Friends.

There is a photo that is circulating in the internet which shows the cast of The Big Bang Theory posing with the almost entire cast of Friends. This is a very rare moment that has been captured. The photo was shared by Kaley Cuoco, in her Instagram page, where she goes by the name Norman Cook.

She captioned the photo stating that her night had been made. She couldn’t breathe with excitement seeing the Friends cast posing with the cast from The Big Bang Theory. She added that she has died and gone to heaven.

There were fans and netizens who made the photo get almost 70,000 likes and over 4,000 comments in only a matter of an hour. Fans speculated that the two series might come together for a crossover episode. While this sounds very interesting, there is no official word on this.

In other news from, Mayim Bialik won her first award at the 2016 Critics Choice Awards and she dedicated it to her father.

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