Emma Stone: Spends Valentine’s Day Alone While Andrew Garfield Out On a Date with a Mystery Woman, Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Emma Stone!

Emma Stone isn’t going to let her break up mar her spirit. She was spotted spending Valentine’s Day on her own. The Birdman actress had worn a pair of distressed skinny jeans, a grey rollneck sweater and a pair of black boots. She threw on a shoulder bag from Jimmy Choo to complete the look as she stepped out to have some sushi.

Emma Stone is good friends with Jennifer Lawrence and Adele and the have frequently gone out to spend some quality girl time together. The trio had been spotted together on numerous occasion and it is one of the few moments that the paparazzi waits for.

Adele had performed at the Wiltern in L.A on Friday and her close friends Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence were there to support her. Jennifer Lawrence spoke to Glamour about her friendship with these two extraordinary women. She said that Emma Stone is adorable and she is so funny and theatrical that it’s always fun hanging out with her.

Jennifer Lawrence added that while Adele and she are a bit harsh when they discuss other people in their privacy, Emma Stone has never ever spoken ill about anyone in her life. She said, these two girls along with her best friend Amy Schumer are three of the people with whom she can be completely normal.

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